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February is “National Children’s Dental Health Month”, a program of the American Dental Association created to provide information and guidance for parents about the importance of dental health for children. Wellspring Esthetics, with our locations in Bedford and Nashua, is pleased to support this effort and offers some tips for parents. It’s never too early to start taking care of your child’s teeth! Wellspring Esthetics specializes in family dental care and understands how important it is to make a child’s dental appointment as pleasant as possible. We do this by ensuring a calm and pleasant appointment that helps children understand the importance of dental care, and gives them skills that will last a lifetime.


Hey Kids!

Want a FREE Wellspring 4Kids water bottle? Have your parents download and print one our Wellspring 4Kids coloring sheets! Color it in and have a grownup post it on their Facebook page (be sure to tag Wellspring Esthetics). We’ll give you your awesome free water bottle the next time you come in! Not on Facebook? Just bring it back into the office next time!

Parenting tips

Parenting tips for children’s dental care:

  • The first dental visit should occur before the child’s first birthday
  • To help prevent tooth decay, encourage your child to drink from a cup by their first birthday
  • Mouth guards are a must for almost any type of sports activity take the mouth guard to your dental appointment to ensure the dentist can be sure it is the right fit


Water – Natures Drink!

Americans continue to consume more sugary beverages than ever, which can contribute to tooth decay. Start encouraging children to drink water throughout the day. This will become a life-long habit that has many health benefits over and above the benefit for healthy teeth and gums. As a member of the American Dental Association,Wellspring Esthetics is actively participating in the observance of Children’s Dental Health Month which started in the 1940’s. During the month of February, Wellspring Esthetics is providing free activity sheets for children that are designed to educate them on the importance of oral health in a fun way. We’re also offering a free colorful water bottle for those children that drop off or post their coloring sheet to Wellspring.

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